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About Zicasso

Zicasso is a fast-growing travel tech company that’s revolutionizing the luxury travel industry. Our platform matches travelers with a global network of top travel specialists who plan luxury, tailor-made tours. We’ve built a sophisticated web application that includes integrated functions such as CRM, private messaging, data warehouse, analytics, A/B testing, sales recording, metrics & invoicing, marketing automation, machine learning, etc. Join a super smart team that’s changing an industry and continually taking this platform to the next level!

Our customers are discerning travelers who want unique travel experiences and don't have the time to plan their complex international vacations. So we match them with the best travel specialists who compete to customize their trips.

Our clients include CEOs, a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, an Olympic cyclist, an Academy Award winner, and generally, people who appreciate exceptional, life-enriching travel experiences. Our travel specialist partners are the world's best boutique tour companies and travel agencies, each one carefully pre-qualified by us.

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Company Culture

We value teamwork. Our culture thrives on it. Working together with mutual trust, open communications, and friendship, Zicasso fosters a unique environment of camaraderie. We like to say, “It’s like family.”

We value integrity—it’s simply the only way to develop mutual trust, whether it’s the relationship between team members, with our partners, or with our clients.

We work hard and like to set stretch goals, and exceed them. We value a can-do, flexible attitude to make a difference in a fast-paced start-up environment.

Our hard work is complimented by fun, including company-paid lunches daily, walks, happy hours, sessions of sharing travel stories and photos, and other optional group activities. And, of course, we encourage everyone to travel and explore the world!

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