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Sat, 03/11/2017 - 13:24

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Please email if you can help.

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Thank you to everyone who has applied, the Drupal community is generous! I believe I've found enough help for the Drupal project, but there are some design needs I need help with:

1) Creating an animated video intro.


2) Editing 2-3 minute videos, from street children in Uganda, indigenous peoples of Panama, and other global peace testimonies.

3) Graphic design of photos and poems.


Looking to give back or build your portfolio? Please consider volunteering to update the website, built with the Amani distro on Drupal 7, but branched to a standalone version to allow more flexibility. There are a couple of fixes and enhancements needed by April 30, 2017. If you enjoy working on the site, please stick around to run Drupal updates every 4-6 months.


1) Build a multimedia gallery similar to the photo gallery that shares 3 types of stories: text, audio (with a friendly player), or video (hosted on youtube). You might be able to use the content type I started for the "Write on the wall" feature (

2) Integrate a newsletter feature (Drupal or Mailchimp for example), and ideally, generate content for it based on what's new this month. If you have design skills, light branding of the email would be awesome.

3) Redesign the home page to show several streams of content, e.g., "Stories from Turkey," "Poetry," or "Recent Stories." (versus one integrated feed). Train me to change these streams as I upload more stories (I'm comfy in the backend but don't have time to do keep up with Drupal).


1) Improve the comment spam solution and clear the spam backlog.

2) Fix lead image resolution - my high resolution images display blurry, plus fix blurry images on existing articles.

3) Fix this view - it shows comments even if there are none, and the "more" link is broken (

4) Fix the Twitter and Facebook feeds. Potentially add instagram.

5) Minor font and miscellaneous changes.

Thank you very much! I have many more peace stories to share that need a better home.

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