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Website Development and Maintenance

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:06

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Please send proposals as email attachments to by March 9, 2018.

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Brief Overview

The Society for Classical Studies ( requests proposals for information technology management services. Maintenance will include (but is not limited to) dead link scans, the application of updates to the Drupal platform core, and the review and testing of platform interactions as updates are applied. Ad hoc improvements to the site range in scope from simple visibility fixes for new website features to a total redesign of the front page.

Many functions of the two SCS websites are quite time-sensitive, and the impact on members if issues and bugs are not swiftly resolved is great. Thus, constant and swift communication with the SCS regarding security updates, website stability, and ongoing projects is essential, as is the ability to come into a website that has years of previous development improvements already implemented and that are essential to the function of the website.

Organization Background

The Society for Classical Studies is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1869 as the American Philological Association. The SCS itself serves a constituency of roughly three thousand professors, graduate students, undergraduates, and members of the general public who study (or enjoy the study of) the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, particularly their language. We provide resources to them in the form of

  • institutional support for their departments
  • an online academic job ad board
  • fellowships for various Classically-themed programs
  • awards for outstanding work in the field
  • financial support of Classics research tools.

We currently operate and maintain two websites: one for the main bulk of activity ( and the other for submitting materials for the Annual Meeting (, our largest event every year. We run a variety of essential programs and resources for our members, all of which flow through our website. This includes ecommerce functionality, which is built into the platform. Some, like the links to member benefits, are expected by members to be accessible at all times, as is access to the job placement service, which runs on our site. Other expectations are both seasonal and time-sensitive, such as the scheduling of job interviews for academic job candidates and submission for our annual meeting, and the prompt and flawless operation of those systems on our websites is crucial to our members’ expectations.

Scope of Work

The overall scope of this work will be two-part. The first is maintenance, which consists of the management and monitoring of essential updates and changes to the core of the SCS website in order to ensure its continued operation.

The ad hoc development tasks are more variable in their scope, timeline, and implementation dates. Expectations will change from year-to-year depending on member feedback, membership growth, and the development direction of the Society itself. To give an estimate, a slow year would require only the occasional bug fix, perhaps one of which is particularly tricky to track down, while a more intensive year would require a redesign of the front page or a new login API.

Technical Requirements

The SCS has two internet sites, each with its own Drupal 7 codebase and MySQL database. Proposals should include plans for: regular backup of databases (at least once monthly) and codebases (as needed, according to application of updates); redundant storage of backups; monitoring and applying regular and security updates, including procedures for testing updates on a development site before applying them to the production site; reviewing the security of the sites beyond applying patches and updates, and recommending actions based on findings; scanning the sites and reporting on dead links and related issues; monitoring the sites for performance issues and recommending actions based on findings; managing SSL certificates.

Demonstrated experience with the following required:

  • Drupal 7.x administration
  • Drupal Commerce administration
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • FreeBSD

Principal Points of Contact

Erik Shell (
Communications and Services Coordinator
Society for Classical Studies

Helen Cullyer (
Executive Director
Society for Classical Studies

Criteria for Selection

The following factors will be the main considerations when assessing proposals:

  • Cost – The cost structure will be two-part: maintenance and ad hoc development. A competitive and transparent fee structure will receive heavy weight in our decision.
  • Track Record – Evidence of past development success and consistency are critical in assessing your future success with our organization.
  • References – Two to three references who can speak to your accessibility, ability, and acumen as leading and reliable developers.
  • Level of Proficiency – Amount of exposure and experience to each of the technical requirements listed above should be explicitly described.
  • Proposal – Proposals that do not clearly address the needs and requirements within this RFP will not be considered. This includes promotional material send to the Society in lieu of a more detailed, tailor-made proposal.

Deadline for Proposals

Please send proposals as email attachments to by March 9, 2018.