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Software Developer / Product Manager

Vancouver Ultimate League

Sat, 07/15/2017 - 17:58

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ONLINE APPLICATIONS ONLY. No phone calls. For full details and how to apply, see the posting on the VUL website:

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The Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) is the largest ultimate league in the world. To run our operations, we have a large custom web-based League Management System. As the VUL continues to expand, we are looking for a full-stack Developer to help us maintain and grow this important web application to meet our current and future needs. This is an exciting opportunity for someone looking for an ongoing part-time position with lots of variety.

Duties & Responsibilities

The VUL Software Developer (SD) role is a multi-faceted one which draws on skills in development and product management. The SD will report to the Executive Director (ED) and work collaboratively with other VUL personnel to define and implement roadmaps for our website and League Management System.

Development (primary duty)

  • Full-stack responsibility: front-end & back-end development
  • Design, build and test features within our large set of custom Drupal modules
  • Maintain Drupal core and contributed modules, upgrading when necessary
  • Utilize third‑party modules to extend functionality where feasible
  • Leverage contractors for assistance (e.g. designers, other developers, testers)
  • Manage and monitor hosting environments (test, live, etc.) to ensure stable operation
  • Recommend new technologies or approaches to meet roadmap goals.

Product Management

  • Develop annual roadmaps and monthly release plans in partnership with the ED
  • Gather and document requirements from VUL staff and members
  • Create design specs if needed to ensure successful implementation of requirements, working with UX designers as appropriate
  • Manage successful delivery of releases, leveraging the assistance of others if required
  • Advise the Executive Director on long-term product needs & strategies


  • Support VUL staff with use of the League Management System
  • Support VUL staff to provide Tech Support to VUL members and other users

Working Environment

  • The SD will provide their own office and tools, ideally in Greater Vancouver. All VUL staff generally work from home.
  • Working hours are flexible, with the SD expected to be available for some calls and meetings during the day on weekdays (Pacific time).

Term & Compensation

  • This is a part-time employment position with a workload of 40-60% FTE depending on the candidate’s skills and availability. The rate will be commensurate with education, experience, and skills.
  • A comprehensive benefits package is included for those working over 50% FTE.

Apply Now

ONLINE APPLICATIONS ONLY. For qualifications and how to apply, see the posting on the VUL website: